Independent Eye Tracking fieldwork specialists with over 30 years experience working all over the world Real people, real environments Independent quality check for virtual reality projects Eye tracking projects for companies or research agencies undertaken worldwide
                    Independent Eye Tracking fieldworkspecialists with over 30 yearsexperience working all over the world  Real people, real environments Independent quality check for virtual reality projects Eye tracking projects for companies or research agencies undertaken worldwide               

Meet the team

KL Eye Tracking is a new independent eye tracking research company, set up by two people who are experts in fieldwork research.

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Eye Tracking

KL Eye Tracking undertake projects for research agencies and retail/manufacturing companies throughout the world

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Quality checks for Virtual Reality projects

Real people in real environments. Use KL Eye Tracking to check your top line Virtual Reality fixation results.

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Welcome to KL Eye Tracking.

KL Eye Tracking are specialist eye tracking technicians with over 30 years combined fieldwork experience. We have carried out project work throughout the world for some of the largest and renowned Blue Chip companies. Our years of experience help make sure that the respondents carry out their task in a natural way, that ensures your company gets the best results possible.

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