Independent Eye Tracking fieldwork specialists with over 40 years experience working all over the world Real people, real environments Eye tracking projects for companies or research agencies undertaken worldwide
                    Independent Eye Tracking fieldworkspecialists with over 40 yearsexperience working all over the world  Real people, real environments Eye tracking projects for companies or research agencies undertaken worldwide               

Example result maps

KL Eye Tracking are able to analyse and supply maps on penetration and flow maps for wholestore projects.


For more detailed category analysis, KL Eye Tracking are able to analyse and supply maps with initial activity and overall visual activity at the category fixtures.


Our Costs

Our Fieldwork Costs:


For fieldwork £900 per day.


KL Eye Tracking fieldwork costs include the following:-

Two Fieldwork technicians

All UK accommodation expenses

All UK travel costs

All UK personal expenses

One day site survey of site prior to fieldwork commencing

Photos and general store layout supplied


European costs:

European Travel costs are not included and will be charged.


International costs:

Supplied on request



Our Analysis Costs

Analysis costs can vary and are dependent on the size of store and the amount of categories that are required to be researched.

As a general rule £300 per respondent is a reasonable cost for you to work on.


We would suggest a minimum of 20 respondents in order to achieve a good set of results, and allow for 8 respondents a day for the fieldwork . Obviously the more respondents that are used in the research the more robust the research becomes.


Respondent incentives are the responsibility of the client.


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