Independent Eye Tracking fieldwork specialists with over 40 years experience working all over the world Real people, real environments Eye tracking projects for companies or research agencies undertaken worldwide
                    Independent Eye Tracking fieldworkspecialists with over 40 yearsexperience working all over the world  Real people, real environments Eye tracking projects for companies or research agencies undertaken worldwide               

What we do

KL Eye Tracking will complete projects for research agencies anywhere in the world.

Over many years of fieldwork, we have developed the ability to work in many different situations. From the tightest of available space on the shelf in a corner shop in Istanbul, to the end of a till in a local supermarket. From outside a bar in Las Rambla in Barcelona to the rear seat of a car travelling around London and still achieve amazing results.


All of our video footage is quality checked, before leaving the site of a project and being released back to our client.

KL Eye Tracking now analyse the footage in depth, and can now supply clients with insights into the research data.

Company projects

As a company you already have an enormous database at your disposal.

You may have commissioned eye tracking projects, together with insights and quantatative data many times.

KL Eye Tracking can complete a small project and supply you with top line fixation heat maps, which you can then compare with your previous data.

A relatively inexpensive project could provide results that you could you use to either commission a larger project, or could confirm that there is not much changing and your budget could be used elsewhere.

Research Agencies

Are you an International agency that has been commissioned to complete a project in the UK or Europe?

KL Eye Tracking are experts in eye tracking fieldwork and can complete your fieldwork for you, not just in the UK or Europe, but anywhere in the world.

We are also able to help with local contacts in Europe, for hostesses and interviewers.

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