Independent Eye Tracking fieldwork specialists with over 40 years experience working all over the world Real people, real environments Eye tracking projects for companies or research agencies undertaken worldwide
                    Independent Eye Tracking fieldworkspecialists with over 40 yearsexperience working all over the world  Real people, real environments Eye tracking projects for companies or research agencies undertaken worldwide               

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Re Kevin Wilkinson

I set up ID Magasin, the world’s first users of eye tracking in retail, in 1991. By the mid nineties we started to be able to properly use the then new mobile eye tracking equipment in-store. From its initial use mainly in supermarkets in the UK, our practice grew so that we were using the equipment in a wide variety of selling environments and across the globe, from a bar in the Townships of South Africa, to a mini market in Malaysia to a Hypermarket in Thailand or a Club store in USA.

All this meant that we needed a dedicated eye tracking technician who was adaptable enough to work across a very wide variety of challenging fieldwork locations, liaise and manage a great variety of local fieldwork agencies who carried out the interviewing alongside the eye tracking work, all the time making the research subjects act as naturally as possible doing the research task in hand.

Kevin worked for me as this technician from 1997, often away on his own on international projects for weeks at a time. His ability to run eye tracking projects, to react and respond to the inevitable difficulties that working in-store presents, to liaise with the local fieldwork team and always taking responsibility for some very expensive equipment, was always impeccable and meant that my project teams could utterly rely on a highly professional eye tracking job being done. His knowledge in the field is unique globally; nobody has had such breadth of experience and I highly recommend Kevin.

Siemon Scamell-Katz

Founder, ID Magasin

Global Director, TNS Retail and Shopper (ret’d 2013)

Recommendations for KL Eye Tracking

"I have worked with Kev on several large research projects across supermarkets and other retail outlets over the last two or three years.  While I handle the interviewing aspects Kev, often working with his colleague Lee, manages all aspects of setting up and controlling the eye-tracking side of the process.  I can say with conviction that he is always efficient, on time, trustworthy, well organised and a pleasure to work with.  Both Kev and Lee have an easy manner with respondents that puts them at ease, enabling them to then set off wearing special eye goggles without feeling self-conscious - vital given that we are trying to get them to replicate a normal shopping trip in a natural manner.  I have no hesitation in recommending both of them, and an eye-tracking project would be safe in their hands."


Nanda Marchant

added insight ltd

Kevin Wilkinson

Kevin Wilkinson has worked in the eye tracking industry for the past 23 years, originally with ID Magasin, then TNS and finally Kantar Retail. He has travelled extensively throughout the world managing projects and achieving the desired results.

Lee Richardson

Lee Richardson has worked as an eye tracking technician for the past 17 years, working primarily alongside Kevin as a '2 man team', although more recently has been managing projects on his own

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